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Our History

Accuro Maxwell has its genesis in the strategic merger of two law firms, Accuro Legal and Maxwell & Co.  Maxwell & Co was established first in Canberra in 1978 and has a strong emphasis in areas of commercial advisory, property and business transactions.  Accuro Legal is a young and energetic team with an impressive track record in commercial and family law litigation.  The lawyers and staff members at Accuro Maxwell speak fluent English, Mandarin and Cantonese.  Through this synergy, the team at Accuro Maxwell are well placed at delivering timely and effective legal services and solutions for their clients.  We look forward to working with you.

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Why Clients Choose Us?

Our services

When choosing your legal representatives, the first concern is always that they have the necessary expertise and experience in the area of law that presently concerns you, in either a personal or business matter. Our Accuro Maxwell team works across the following key areas, and more:

  • We offer advice regarding a wide range of corporate affairs and business transactions, and have extensive experience covering many commercial litigation scenarios, and other vital business areas.
  • Our team understand the needs, and have developed the key skills, to work through complex dispute resolution situations.
  • Accuro Maxwell can help you deal with any property or leasing actions, as well as if you are seeking advice regarding family law concerns, trusts and estates considerations, or migration outcomes.
  • We also undertake public notary services, and we’re highly adept at handling both criminal and traffic law matters.

Our people and locations

Our firm was founded, and is still operated, by 5 like-minded partners, all passionate about delivering a better experience for our Australian, Chinese and international clients. Each of these partners was born in China but trained in Australia – a perfect match to appreciate both the traditional and changing values of each country.

Many years of practical experience has delivered a strong understanding of both Australian law and this country’s work environments. With our offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Beijing, no-one is better placed than Accuro Maxwell to work effectively across international boundaries to professionally deliver those commercial or personal legal outcomes.

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