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Unfortunately, one in three marriages ends in divorce. If you need to make a divorce application in Australia, we can provide all the necessary advice and information you need. With decades of experience behind us, our legal team can ensure you understand your options at every stage of the divorce process. When you apply for divorce, there are numerous things to consider. Therefore, we advise seeking legal assistance and representation at the earliest opportunity. By doing so, you will be aware of your rights and briefed on the steps necessary to secure a divorce successfully.

First steps

Before you can apply for divorce in Australia, couples must be separated for at least 12 months. There are also a number of criteria the divorcing couple need to satisfy before they can file for divorce. These include having been resident in Australia for at least 12 months before the divorce. For those looking to file for divorce, couples should be Australian citizens living in Australia and regard Australia as their home.

Couples who weren’t married in Australia, don’t have permanent leave to remain, or whose immigration status is still being determined will potentially need to follow a slightly different process. Again, our multi-cultural legal practice is ideally placed to help. Our multi-lingual team can provide assistance in Cantonese, Mandarin or English, ensuring every client benefits from an accessible legal service that’s tailored to their specific requirements.

Legal assistance at every stage of divorce proceedings

We can provide advice and assistance with relevant paperwork and representation from the initial application for divorce (whether that’s a sole application or a joint application) to federal circuit court appearances (if necessary). We aim to minimise costs and enable your divorce to proceed as smoothly and rapidly as possible. In some cases, it’s possible to obtain a reduced fee for divorce – if you’re suffering financial hardship, we can often find ways to provide a fee reduction.

We cover family court proceedings

Custody and residency arrangements for a child of the marriage may need to be negotiated and finalised through the family court. Accuro Maxwell has family law specialists on hand, who can assist with all matters relating to the future of your child(ren) during and following divorce.

Our team uses cutting-edge technology (such as the Commonwealth Court Portal) to deal with your court hearing and related paperwork quickly and efficiently.

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