Spouse Visa Refusal Appeal

If you’ve moved to Australia on another kind of visa, or you are the partner of someone who has, you may still be refused a permanent spousal visa. While it is less common for the department of home affairs to refuse a visa application, it isn’t the final word in immigration. If you’ve gone through the partner visa application process and you have been denied, an expert legal immigration team may be able to help you appeal.

While an appeal isn’t suitable in all instances, there are many cases where seeking legal advice for legal cancellations can result in your visa being approved. For example, if you’re concerned that the children of the relationship will not be able to stay with both parents, and if you have a sponsoring partner who is resident in Australia, Accuro Maxwell may be able to help.

Get legal support in re-applying for a partner visa

Many visa refusals are a surprise to migrants. They may have done everything correctly or believed they had filled out their application properly without seeking external legal advice. But while not every spousal visa case ends in rejection, seeking professional legal guidance is the ideal way to ensure the best possible outcome if you need to reapply or make an appeal against a decision made by the department of home affairs. If your visa application has been refused, accessing legal support is a must to ensure your appeal or second attempt is as successful as possible.

Seek professional help from expert immigration lawyers

Accuro Maxwell has extensive expertise and training in handling all manner of immigration cases. We have experience in supporting individuals in applying for a partner visa and providing professional support to make appeals following visa cancellations or refusals. If you or a loved one is in a situation where their visa has no been granted, our team of legal experts can help make it right through administrative appeals tribunal AAT, general legal advice and ongoing support.

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Need legal help for spouse visa refusal? Contact our team at Accuro Maxwell today. As professional immigration lawyers, we have more than 20 years of experience handling cases just like yours. With fluency in Mandarin, Cantonese and English, we’re able to provide highly trained legal expertise for your case. Get in touch now to get started.

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