Statutory Declaration

If you need to create a legal, statutory declaration, either as an individual or business, working with an expert legal service as an authorised witness can help ensure the process is as easy and practical as possible. Whether you need to confirm identifying details about your nationality, you are declaring the intention to change your name, or you’re establishing the nature of import and export goods, seeking legal advice can help make the process easier.

At Accuro Maxwell, we have more than 20 years of experience supporting statutory declarations. Our professional legal team can talk you through the process and work with you to ensure completing your declaration to the justice of the peace is fast, simple, and easy to achieve. From proving your age to applying for sick leave from your workplace to verifying insurance claims, there are many ways statutory declarations can be used in Victoria.

Authorised, professional notary public services

Our professional legal term is equipped with the experience and qualifications necessary for notary public services. If you require the presence of an authorised witness for a declaration, we are a good choice for your needs. A statutory declaration is a written statement, and as specialists in all forms of legal documentation, we’re uniquely placed to provide the support and guidance needed to achieve your goals. With fluency in English, Mandarin and Cantonese, we can help decipher the process for non-native English speakers where creating a typical statement may be a challenge.

Expert legal insight for statutory declaration processes

If you’ve never completed a statutory declaration before, Accuro Maxwell can help streamline the process with our expert insight and knowledge. It’s essential that you understand the declaration process before creating your statement, as you declare to be true everything you include. Any inaccuracies or statements found not to be true can have legal consequences as a result. Our expert team can ensure your statutory declaration meets all requirements to be declared authentic in the presence of the law.

Contact Accuro Maxwell for your legal statutory declaration requirements

Our multilingual team is a reliable choice for your statutory declaration requirements. With a vast amount of experience supporting all kinds of legal documentation, our professional legal experts can help make sure your statement is up to the required standards from the start. Contact us today to discuss how we could help you with an upcoming statutory declaration or discuss our legal services.

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