Arbitration Dispute Resolution

A step above commercial mediation, arbitration of disputes offers a practical, legal way for businesses to complete dispute resolution with a neutral arbitrator’s support. Without the need for specific court proceedings, this private process can offer an effective legal method for solving disputes that have failed in mediation or warrant a more serious approach, then casual discussion and resolution could provide.

With more than 20 years of experience in arbitration in commercial disputes, Accuro Maxwell has the legal expertise to support the arbitral process. Choosing arbitration is an excellent option for many commercial businesses, providing alternative dispute resolution to public court proceedings. Our professional legal team is highly skilled in all arbitration agreements, whether the process is mandatory arbitration or a choice made by both parties involved.

Professional legal arbitration proceedings for businesses

Securing an arbitration award is a good choice for many commercial businesses in resolving challenging or complicated disputes. By carefully considering the evidence in front of a neutral, third party, all parties to the arbitration can receive fair legal treatment, allowing for a thorough, final, and binding process to be carried out. While mediation follows a less formal approach, arbitration offers the structure and formality required by some commercial businesses to effectively resolve complex or controversial situations without the need to enter into the judicial court process.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of arbitration in dispute resolution?

The most significant advantages of arbitration in dispute resolution lie in businesses’ ability to provide evidence and carry out a complete dispute resolution process in a private yet formal setting. In the instance that communication has broken down, and mediation has no provided results, arbitration is the next step. From many commercial businesses, arbitration of disputes provides the final ruling on any number of situations.

There are advantages and disadvantages to all forms of dispute mediation. The disadvantages of arbitration include the private, less regulated setting than a traditional legal court process. While all regulations and requirements are followed for a fair arbitration process, certain disputes may be best suited to court judgements over an arbitration award.

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