Residential Property Trading & Investment

Are you searching for a quality investment, which will reap significant long-term gains? If so, buying an investment property is ideal. Over the past two years, thanks to continual growth, residential property has become one of Australia’s leading investment opportunities. With the guidance of a residential property lawyer, you can take advantage of this great opportunity.

Helping you navigate the market

The Australian residential real estate market is always changing. Home prices are constantly fluctuating, so it can be difficult to know when and where to invest. Thankfully, at Accuro Maxwell, we help you negotiate these changing market conditions. Our highly experienced property lawyers can advise you on areas such as first-time residential property investment, what it involves, which area(s) to target, which property will yield the highest return and more.

Benefits of property investment

There are many reasons that residential property continues to be one of the most lucrative ways to invest your money. These include:

Increased cash flow – This is the net income you’ll receive from your investment after deducting mortgage and operating costs. A key benefit of residential property investment and trading is cash flow typically increases over time. This increases the value of your asset and your net profit.

Building wealth and equity – Paying off your property’s mortgage will help you to build equity. This asset forms part of your net worth. And, the more equity you build, the greater your leverage. This means you have the ability to undertake more property investments while increasing cash flow and overall wealth even further.

Portfolio diversification – Residential property trading and investment is a fantastic way to diversify your investment portfolio. Residential property typically has a minimal, or in some cases, negligible link to other assets (i.e. shares, etc). So, adding property to your investment portfolio lowers its volatility, as well as providing a greater return rate.

Appreciation – Real estate investment allows you to make money via rental income, profits through business activity on the premises and appreciation. Generally, the value of real estate increases over time. So, by investing wisely, you can yield a generous profit when you decide to sell.

Why choose us?

At Accuro Maxwell, we understand how intimidating property trading and investment can be. It can prove difficult to keep pace with the constantly changing real estate market. Our team takes that stress away by helping you select the ideal investment for you, and ensure you are compliant with your state’s regulations.

Are you considering buying an investment property? Contact Accuro Maxwell today for all your commercial property, residential property and commercial leasing needs.

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