Enforcement of Foreign Judgments

Seeking the enforcement of foreign judgments in Australia requires a specialist, expert legal service with years of experience handling similar complex cases. Accuro Maxwell has a wealth of knowledge regarding foreign judgment carried out outside of Australian courts with supreme or superior courts, and we support many businesses in ensuring their legal needs are met under the foreign judgments act 1991.

Our experienced lawyers are well-equipped to handle the enforcement of foreign judgments across a wide range of different individual requirements or legal specifications, across all Australia state or territory areas. No matter what the country of the original judgment, we work with our clients to ensure their fair, effective, and legally sound needs are met, according to the specifics of the money judgment within the original court.

Professional recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments

Any foreign judgment that is enforceable in Australia may require expert legal support to achieve precisely what you require. Our team have over 20 years of experience in common law enforcement of foreign judgments, providing the expert legal help and insight needed to succeed in what can be an extremely complicated area of law. If you believe you have a straightforward judgment that needs enforcement that requires legal backing and support, our team is well-equipped to provide the necessary expertise.

Expert legal advice and enforcement for a wide range of judgments

Due to Australian law and regulations, carrying out foreign enforcement can quickly become complicated and expensive. Our legal team serves to streamline and improve the process, achieving the results you’re looking for quickly and effectively. We also provide expert support for New Zealand judgments under their local laws, in addition to those carried out by Australian courts for the direct enforcement of foreign judgments. We provide peace of mind and offer an expert solution for businesses of all shapes and sizes across Australia.

Contact Accuro Maxwell for enforcement of foreign judgment in Australia

Do you need to seek professional legal advice for the recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments, or specifically for the common law enforcement of foreign judgment? Contact Accuro Maxwell today to discuss how our expert legal team could help you. Our professional, multilingual team is equipped to handle even overly complex foreign judgement cases involving a wide range of non-Australian countries.

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