Child Support Payments

If children are involved in a divorce or the ending of a de facto relationship, child support payments will usually need to be paid by the non-resident parent. The matter of child support payments after divorce can be an acrimonious one, which is why appropriate legal advice is strongly advised. A skilled legal advisor can provide information on considerations such as the amount of child support that’s reasonable, how separated parents can handle child support and what happens to child support when a child turns 18.

Realistic child support assessment

A realistic child support assessment from the outset can make it easier for both parties involved in a divorce or de facto relationship breakdown to agree on this important matter. A fair settlement can reduce the likelihood of costly, protracted legal wrangling, saving you money and the stress of an ongoing court case.

De facto relationships

Child support payments Australian law covers include those required when a de facto relationship comes to an end. Parents do not need to be married to be required to pay child support. If your de facto relationship has come to an end, we recommend obtaining up-to-date legal advice on your child support responsibilities and choices. AccuroMaxwell has more than twenty years of experience in facilitating child support agreements that are fair and sustainable. Our aim is to facilitate a fast, cost-effective solution that ensures children are adequately provided for without a resultant disadvantage to our client.

Ongoing child support matters

In some cases, following a divorce, child support will have been agreed at a level that’s unsustainable. For other people, a change in circumstances means their child support agreement is no longer suitable. If you’re struggling to meet your child support payments or have child care arrangements that have changed, it could be that the level of divorce child support you’re paying is no longer appropriate. Our team can look at your case and recommend options to potentially reduce child support without the need for a long or costly court battle.

If required, AccuroMaxwell offers legal counsel in Cantonese and Mandarin, as well as English. This can be a real asset for clients whose child support matters include Chinese legal considerations.

Our experienced, reliable legal team is committed to providing every client with the child support information needed to make the decisions that are right for them.

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