Skilled Immigration

If you have a particularly valuable skill or career path, you may be invited to apply for an Australia skilled immigration visa. Or, if you’re planning to relocate to Australia from abroad as a skilled migrant, seeking expert legal help is the ideal way to ensure the best possible outcome. With the visa application process for Australia requiring expertise and specific knowledge, working with Accuro Maxwell can ensure the best possible outcome for permanent residency.

Our expert team has extensive knowledge of the visa processes required for skilled regional workers. So whether you’re applying through sponsorship, through a family member or as an independent professional individual, we work with you to ensure the best result from your residency application. With an excellent reputation in immigration law, we’re best placed to offer you the right outcome.

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As an individual with a sought-after skillset, the Australian visa process may differ from a standard application for permanent residency. Working with an expert team that understands these differences and can advise on the best legal strategy to take can help to ensure residence in any of Australia’s individual territories. If you’re planning to apply for the visa as a migrant with more than 65 points in your favour under the department of home affairs specifications, we’re here to help.

Expert legal support for permanent skilled independent visa applications

Seeking a permanent residency as a skilled professional will require an application to a specific visa. Our knowledgeable team can advise and guide you on the best visa for your individual application. Whether that’s a skilled independent visa 189 or through sponsorship or family connection, we utilise our expertise and unique industry knowledge to make the permanent residency process faster and easier than ever. If you’d like to live and work in Australia under a skilled independent visa, we can support you in completing the process successfully.

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Are you looking for a professional, trustworthy legal team to support your Australia skilled immigration? Get in touch with our experts at Accuro Maxwell today to discuss how we could handle your points tested skilled visa. If you are involved in a skilled occupation and need legal help to make the next step, our high-trained team are the professionals you can place your trust in. Contact us now to find out how we could help you.

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