Alexander Wong

Solicitor admitted in New South Wales
Languages: English, Mandarin, Cantonese


Prior to his admission as a solicitor in New South Wales, Alexander has completed his bachelor’s degree in Hong Kong in 2003. He has then completed a diploma on Human Rights in 2006, a Master of Laws in 2008, and worked as a paralegal between 2010 to 2012.

 Given his history in the legal industry, Alexander has accumulated a wealth of experience in dealing with disputes and also excels in dealing with contract negotiations and drafting bespoke contracts. He is familiar with the Uniform Civil Procedure Rules and is a seasoned litigator, having been admitted in 2012 and focusing his practice from then on. His great litigation experience can address issues and disputes you may encounter in a commercial relationship. He has also advised and drafted a wide range of project documents for small – medium scaled developments.

Alexander now specialises in advising medium sized businesses and is now providing support to a large number of businesses in Sydney from their day-to-day management, to dealing with government enquiries, compliance and litigation.

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